2017 Sponsors

12th Annual Garden Fair

Dedicated to Meredith McWaters

Meredith McWaters

1949 – 2016

Join us in celebrating the memory of Meredith McWaters whose exceptional life and generous volunteer spirit was a bright light and inspiration to members of the Sweetwater Oaks Garden Club and our community. Meredith played a significant role in the success of our club’s scholarship fundraising efforts. We lost Meredith in 2016, and we dedicate this year’s garden fair to honor her many contributions. Meredith, your spirit lives on with our club and you are remembered with love.

Benefactor Level

Harriett Lake

Harriett Lake

Thank you, Harriett Lake, 12th Annual Sweetwater Oaks Garden Fair Benefactor. Your continued dedication to our community is a special memorial this year to our dear friend Meredith McWaters. Thank you for supporting the mission of our club in beautifying and educating our community. You are a special friend to us.

Patron Level ($1,000)

  • sponsor watson realty

Sponsor Level ($500)

Contributor Level ($250)

  • goldfingers aesthetics

Friends of the Garden Club

  • Kim Williams Allstate Insurance
  • Five Star Liquor and Wine
  • Cynthia and Bruce Nelson
  • Richard Petrilli DMD, PA

Club Member Contributors

  • Marjorie Abbas
  • Joyce Anderson
  • Carole Baird
  • Pam Barkley
  • Ann Chisholm
  • Kirsten Collins
  • Marian Culbertson
  • Farrell Culberson
  • Mary DeVaney
  • Pam Frisbey
  • Sarah Hall
  • Barbara Hunt
  • Pat James
  • Audrey Karwandy
  • Laurie Kennedy
  • Sharon Lane Crouch
  • Joan Lasek
  • Gayle Lashley
  • Rae Martin
  • Ellen O’Connor
  • Linda Richcreek
  • Carolyn Robinson
  • Patty Scott
  • Judith Shaw
  • Lois Silverberg
  • Val Swadling
  • Margaret Wyatt
  • Mary Clay
  • Marge Lynch