The 2022 Garden Fair Has Been Postponed.

The Next Garden Fair Will Be

Saturday & Sunday, March 4th & 5th, 2023.

To support the awarding of college horticulture scholarships, and youth nature campers, we appreciate your generous contributions.

We have over 75 members. Here are some that gathered for a photo opp.
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President’s Message 2021-2022

Our Garden Club is the place to be! Zoom meetings were a necessary convenience, but certainly were not the same experience as “getting together.”  I give gratitude to ALL the members who have rejoined our Club and welcome our new members. Even with the many pandemic interruptions, our plant sales in the autumn and spring last year were gratefully supported by members and our community. Surprisingly, we surpassed all previous years’ fundraising goals. Amazing!

Our executive board and committee members will be “wowing” you with this year’s programs, events, and field trips.

The evolution of our Club means we continue to incorporate health safety measures, add more fun and community involvement, and increase educational opportunities. We will participate in building a community Butterfly Habitat, traveling to plant nurseries and botanical gardens and enjoy knowledgeable speakers on horticultural subjects like native plants and gardens. But most of all, we will continue to extend the hand of friendship to all members and advance our commitment to our Garden Club.

We are planning to expand our membership by using more publicity and marketing strategies. Reach out to friends and neighbors to join. Bring someone you know to a meeting to introduce our Club to them. Inclusion is a wonderful gift. We will be forming a dynamic publicity committee to enhance our efforts and meet our goals. If you have marketing and publicity skills or would like to learn, please join us.

Question: Do you know the difference between dirt and soil?
Dirt has none of the minerals or nutrients and living organisms that one finds in soil.
Soil is an organized ecosystem and is productive for growing plants and vegetables.
Dirt is dead. Soil is ALIVE!  Like US, my Soil Sisters and Brothers…. Let us live with nature, together.

“What the caterpillar calls the end, the rest of the world calls a butterfly” …(Loa Zhu)

See you in the Garden,

Min Schwenderman