Garden Fair scheduled for March 6th & 7th, 2021,
has been cancelled

In place of our annual fundraising events to support the awarding of college horticulture scholarships, and youth nature campers, we appreciate your generous contributions here.

We have over 75 members. Here are some that gathered for a photo opp.
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President’s Message 2020-2021

Most likely, none of us ever expected to live through a global pandemic. The good news is that, as gardeners and lovers of plants, we are used to being confined in our gardens and other plant places, most often alone, with our thoughts and ideas. We do much of our work outside In the fresh air anyway, so many of us can continue to “play in the dirt.”

During this time, we have all been concerned, afraid to some extent, and unable to plan much of a future because we simply do not know what lies ahead, but I encourage you to make this a year of learning. If you have extra time at home, study, read, watch YouTube, check out the University of Florida website, or email our horticulture chairperson, Bob Hotaling, with any specific gardening questions, as he is a wealth of practical knowledge regarding planting in our climate.

We may look at the past few months as a curse, but the blessing is the time we’ve been given; time we may never get again.

In the meantime, I would like to encourage everyone to embrace the rare gift of personal interaction wherever and however it can be done safely and responsibly. Telephone a garden club member and just say hello, send a nice card with a friendly greeting, perhaps a birthday card.

Your Garden Club executive board and committee chairpersons are hoping to provide online talks by expert speakers through Zoom technology and perhaps access a Virtual program on an interesting topic. We will also use our Newsletter to keep you informed of when we can anticipate a meeting or an event, safely, in the future.

Looking back on last year’s programs such as Welcome Back Coffee, Plant Sales, Game Day, Garden Fair, Holiday Luncheon, field trips, floral design classes, paint-a-pot class, monthly meetings ….Oh, what fun that was and I really miss them, greatly.

You never know what you have till you lose it…BUT we will prevail and be ready to enjoy each other again. We are all in this together, and together we will get through it. Keep yourself safe, my friends.

You are ALL in my heart,

Min Schwenderman