The Sweetwater Oaks Garden Fair Will Be

Saturday & Sunday, March 2nd and 3rd, 2024.

To support the awarding of college horticulture scholarships, and youth nature campers, we appreciate your generous contributions.

We have over 75 members. Here are some that gathered for a photo opp.
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President’s Message 2022-2023

I love the garden club. Our vibrant and energetic club is moving forward after years of Covid. I feel excited about the future! We have a great team on board. Together we are working to bring back some of the activities and traditions of the past so that we feel like ourselves again. That is my goal for the coming year.

Raven Ishak, a native Floridian, outlined a number of helpful tips in her article, How To Be Optimistic About The Future. The following are just a few that will help us heal from the past.

  1. Resist negative thoughts
  2. Have a positive attitude
  3. Visualize what your future will look like

Members of Sweetwater Oaks Garden Club are going forward with a positive outlook of great anticipation for what the future will be. We have much to look forward to. Starting off the year with our traditional Welcome Back Coffee brought great joy to us all. The Game Day Event and Garden Fair are going to happen! We have great plans for raising the necessary funds to support Horticulture students and kids who want to attend Wekiva Camp. We meet on the second Monday of each month and welcome and encourage your participation! You are a part of our past and our future. I am visualizing a fun and exciting year of gardening, learning, and serving, and I see you in that picture!

Bernadine Delafield